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Human Resources[Icon]
Active Transportation Advisory Committee Governancy Policy[Icon] 4 Minutes 2008VOL10
Antenna Policy for High Speed Internet Towers.[Icon] 3 2008VOL2
Audiotapes Policy[Icon] 2 Minutes 2008VOL1
Audit Committee Policy with Amendments to January 26, 2021[Icon] 3 Minutes 2008VOL000024
Ballfield Policy[Icon] 2 Minutes 2008VOL1
Borrowing Policy[Icon] 1 Minutes 2008VOL000022
Breastfeeding Policy[Icon] 2 Minutes 2008VOL000021
Building Code Part 3 Policy[Icon] 1 Minutes 2008VOL1
Building Inspectors RA3[Icon] 1 Minutes 2008VOL1
Bylaw Development Policy[Icon] 8 Minutes 2008VOL1
CBRM Hospitality Policy readpoted by Council January 26, 2021[Icon] 4 Minutes 2008VOL000024
Citizen Appointment Policy Amended March 7, 2018[Icon] 1 Minutes 2008VOL000022
Civic Addressing Policy[Icon] 14 Minutes 2008VOL000022
Coat of Arms Policy[Icon] 1 Minutes 2008VOL1
Code of Conduct for Elected Municipal Official[Icon] 5 2008VOL4
Committees RC4[Icon] 18 Minutes 2008VOL000023
Contract Security Policy[Icon] 1 Minutes 2008VOL1
Council Agenda Policy[Icon] 5 Minutes 2008VOL000023
Council Remuneration Policy[Icon] 1 Minutes 2008VOL000022
COVID-19 Property Tax Financing Program Policy[Icon] 5 Minutes 2008VOL000023
Deed Transfer Tax Collection Procedure Policy[Icon] 1 Minutes 2008VOL1
Delegations Before Council Policy amend March 2005[Icon] 2 Minutes 2008VOL1
Demoliton of Abandoned Structures Policy[Icon] 2 Minutes 2008VOL1
Deputy Mayor Policy March 2005[Icon] 2 Minutes 2008VOL1
Destruction of Documents Policy[Icon] 1 Minutes 2008VOL1
Development Officer RA2[Icon] 3 Minutes 2008VOL000023
Distribution of Civic Pins & Flags Policy[Icon] 3 Minutes 2008VOL1
Diversity Committee Governance Policy - amended August 2017[Icon] 3 Minutes 2008VOL000021
Dog Tags Fee Policy[Icon] 1 Minutes 2008VOL1
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